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Please notice: We try to organize translation in englich, spanish and french during the congress. But we can´t povide proessional, silmultaneous translation. If you would like to offer your knowledge, please leave a message at the conference entrance.

On Internal and External Land-taking
Hotly contested areas:
work- biopolitics- colonialism

May 5th to may 8th 2005: BUKO 28 in Hamburg

ON INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL LAND-TAKING: this is an invitation to a journey through (un)known territory. What we need on this journey: a precise cartography of existing circumstances; a willingness to build many bridges; a desire to explore new routes; unrestrained curiosity. What we aim at: making ground and gathering way; getting ahead, developing radical visions of our goals.

LAND-TAKING – the many ways in which globalised capitalism is gaining access to regions, territories, bodies; to resources both material and immaterial; to patterns of life, social relations and emancipatory ideas.
LAND-TAKING – meaning as well and above all: globalised resistance to the unlimited request to exploit, to utilise. The struggle to (re)appropriate ways of life and life time, the struggle for a self-determined use of natural and social resources; the fight against neo-colonialism, against racist border regulations and against exploitation.
Colonialism: the various ways in which historical colonialism maintains as well as transforms itself; the fight against neo-colonial forms of domination, against racist migration regimes and for an anti-colonial politics of remembrance.
Biopolitcs: the various ways in which bodies, substances that make up bodies, natural resources, knowledge and patterns of life are being shaped to suit the market and are being exploited, as well as the struggle to re-appropriate all vital resources from ‘down below’.
Work, Migration, Subjectivity: the many ways in which a hierarchical precarization is taking place (for example along the lines of gender or citizenship) and the fight to implement fundamental social rights such as basic income; to ensure an all-encompassing legalisation (of migrants? D.Ü) and to investigate alternatives.
Where BUKO No 28 is concerned, LAND-TAKING will be about
opening up free space in which to develop effective and radical counter strategies; space for exchange, for discussion, for networking; for taking creative breaks as well as creative action, for meeting and really getting to know new people and re-meeting others, for an anti-colonial walk through Hamburg – and, of course for a brilliant party …

See you soon, in Hamburg!
BUKO 28 – organising team

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