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From the Sea to the City. A Conference of Cities for a Welcoming Europe

12./13.06.2020, Palermo/Italien

Verschiedene Initiativen wie WatchTheMed Alarm Phone laden zusammen mit den den Stadtverwaltungen von Palermo und Barcelona zu einer Konferenz der Städte für eine Europa des Wilkommens nach Palermo ein. Hier die Einladung auf Englisch.

We invite mayors, city representatives, European civil society actors, search and rescue
NGOs and representatives of the European institutions to participate in the Conference
hosted by the ​ City of Palermo on 12-13 June, 2020​ . ​ Together we reimagine the
European stance on migration with cities and human rights at the center​ . With this
vision we want to send a strong signal to the European institutions that we want to pursue a
welcoming and human-rights based migration and refugee policy before Germany takes
over the presidency of the EU Council in July 2020. Welcoming refugees and migrants in
our municipalities is a chance to democratize Europe further from below: it is the cities that
bear the brunt of managing migration, thus it is the cities that should also have a say in the
European migration policy.

Our common objectives: building a network and launching a joint campaign

While the EU and Europe's national governments double down on migration deterrence at
any cost, more and more cities across Europe are becoming the agents of change for a
solidarity Europe, taking responsibility for protecting human lives. The proposed conference
in Palermo will bring together mayors, city representatives, civil society initiatives, social
movements, unions, organisations and institutions from all over Europe that advocate for
safe passage in order to open up opportunities for practical, open-minded solutions which
place human rights at the center of the future migration politics.

This conference ​ is thought to be the first step in the process of ​ creating a European
network of cities and communities whose initiatives and actions will be part of a ​ joint
campaign ​ with the aim to advocate for an active role of cities in European migration
politics. ​ Such a network would ​ increase visibility of welcoming municipalities at the EU
level, encourage other cities to take action and build stronger alliances with civil society
actors. We want put forward ​ concrete and far-reaching demands in order to change the
attitude towards migration in Europe and to influence the public debate on these issues in
different European member states. Welcoming municipalities are growing in number all
over Europe and represent a powerful political voice, able to relaunch Europe from the

This is a joint Initiative of:
Open Arms, SEEBRÜCKE, HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform, Welcome to
Europe/Italy, the City of Palermo, WatchTheMed Alarm Phone, Mediterranea, the City of
Barcelona, INURA, Tesserae.