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Gesnat goes Europe: Konferenz “Political Ecologics of the Far Right"

15.-17.11.2019, Lund/Schweden

Der BUKO-Arbeitsschwerpunkt Gesellschaftliche Naturverhältnisse wird auf der internationalen Konferenz "Political Ecologics of the Far Right" in Lund den Workshop "Leftist and rightist positions on environmental issus - the case of Germany" anbieten.

Der AS Gesnat wird auch mit einem Workshop bei einer internationalen Konferenz an der Schnittstelle von Wissenschaft und Aktivismus dabei sein. Den Workshop haben wir wie folgt angekündigt:

The workshop serves to present the main results from the collective writing of a brochure, which analyses “right wing” and “left wing” positions and arguments on a range of environmental topics. In the workshop we will present some of our core insights and then invite participants to discuss them; depending on the time frame, this could be done in smaller groups to allow for a greater degree of interaction.

The starting point for writing the brochure was the insight that rightist and leftist position on environmental issues are often not far apart from each other – for example, both often share a rejection of biotechnology, are in favour of small-scale agriculture and food sovereignty. Another example is that both leftist and rights groups are critical of the idea of an economy centered on economic growth. However, at closer look, the arguments behind rightist and leftist positions differ, of course.

Against, this background the objective of compiling the brochure is to create awareness among activists on what leftist and rightist positions on environmental issues are, with the ultimate aim of avoiding the “wrong” arguments and political bedfellows in progressive activism.

Informationen zur Konferenz demnächst unter: https://www.pefr.event.lu.se/

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