BUKO let's MOVE!

38th BUKO Congress

23. - 25. june 2017

on the site of the Kulturkosmos at Lärz

 (as part of the MOVE Utopia 21.-25. Juni)

BUKO let's MOVE!

This year’s (38th ) BUKO-Congress is part of the “MOVE-Utopia” movement meeting. 

The MOVE Summer Assembly will take place from 21st until 25th June, BUKO-Congress core time is 23rd until 25th June. You are all cordially invited to attend any or all of these dates. Please consider registering soon, seeing as there already is a great interest in participating.

The current state of the world is calling us to action! A world dominated by capitalism, exploitation and patriarchy allows for no more than last year’s hiatus From the Belly of the Beast we are still working to change the world.

Against politics dominated by the Global North and the (impending) New Right advent to power in Europe and the USA we counter pose transnational solidarity and action. Joined by activists from the Global South, we will bring into question the connectedness of global conditions and we will search for and develop alternatives for the systems in place.

A big part of the problem: capitalist logic. Our society as a whole is penetrated and structured by it. We want to try to live the alternative.

This is why we organize in groups of people and organizations for the “MOVE UTOPIA-Zusammen!Treffen! (the MOVE UTOPIA meeting), to criticize and position against the logic of exchange and to argue for a world according to needs and abilities. MOVE stands for Miteinander (Together) Offen (Open) Vertrauensvoll (Trusting) Emanzipatorisch (Emancipatory) die Zukunft gestalten (shape the future together, open, trusting and emancipatory). These are the principles our conference is based on.

We will not concentrate on capitalism alone. Patriarchy, racism and nationalism are also problems that need to be overcome. We need to discuss and plan for a better future, together. There is also an obligation to fight for the rights and issues of refugees, to bring about transnational, emancipatory education and to participate in local battles against global dependency on coal. We can only develop a perspective for change in the world and ourselves when global relationships are analysed in a transnational context.

But – it’s not all bad news! It is important to point out and refer to the positive. We must support successful fights and expand emancipatory accomplishments. For forty years now the BUKO has been fighting, discussing and organizing in different areas, for a better world and we will not miss out on celebrating past success and our opportunities to learn from them.

A well-rounded concept and lots of content are the cornerstones of the BUKO congress. This year’s meeting will be even bigger and wider. Because we are not alone but joined together as “MOVE UTOPIA-Zusammen!Treffen! für eine Welt nach Bedürfnissen und Fähigkeiten“. In order to accommodate all participants and to enable our discussions the Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V provide their premises in Lärz for us!

What are you waiting for? Start to MOVE!

Please note that there is a limited number of participants for the Buko-Congress. For organisational reasons, we kindly ask you to register via this link:


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